Reptile Rack Systems

Reptile Rack Systems
Why Buy Your Racks From RBI?
  • Years of experience building and shipping racks to users large and small
  • Racks available for both the DIY'er and Plug and Play
  • RBI features Iris tubs- These tubs have smooth, easy to clean bottoms
  • Assembled racks come with tubs, Flat racks use Conatiner Store tubs
  • PVC construction for safety and years of service
  • Racks are modular and stack so you can expand when you need to!
  • Super fast shipping time, in most cases racks ship in 5-7 business days!!

CB 70 Tub Divider
CS3020-5 28 Qt Rack
I160 Hatchling Tub
I80 Hatchling Tub
Iris CB-70 Rack
LD2 Arboreal Rack
MCB-L Tub Divider
CB70-5 Rack
$349.99 $329.99
MD3 Arboreal Rack
CS-8759 6qt Shoebox Rack
$234.99 $199.99
Iris Sweaterbox Rack
Hatchling Rack
Rack Pins 20 Pack



Rack Systems, ideal for space efficient reptile housing. Don't forget your thermostat!



We are one of the few builders still shipping racks and cages COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED WITH TUBS INCLUDED. This method actually costs you LESS overall, offers tremendous convenience and allows us to use a "one piece" shell design to provide you with a stronger and better looking rack. We have also upgraded our belly heat models to allow easy changing of the heat tape by the user.


Have questions? Take a look at the Rack FAQ in the Resources section.


Please note:
Racks and cages can only be shipped FedEx Ground. Most rack/cage orders currently take less than 1 week to ship but there can be exceptions. When other dry goods are ordered at the same time as racks/cages we generally ship the dry goods immediately and the rack(s) when complete.  Demand is very high and some orders may take longer depending on what you need-so if you have any questions just shoot us an email. Please see Terms for further details.