HerperPro Software


HerperPro is a new software package that specializes in reptile husbandry records.  We have been using this here for a few weeks as if this writing (6/18/13) and are loving it!  The goMobile feature is very handy and once you are familiar with it is a very effective way to make remote entry of your day to day animal maintenance easy- no more writing it down to take to your computer and enter. 

HerperPro sets up QR codes for each of your animals  (up to 50 animals in the base software package) and you can print them out on either labels (2 sizes) or plain paper and use clear tape to put them on your caging.  Couldn't be much easier.  As long as you have a smartphone or tablet with a barcode reading app you are set!

This is a great software package and when you consider the price it is almost impossible to beat




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