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Lamp Holder Pro
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Versatile lamp holder for most reptile heat lamps, heat emitters and Deep Heat Projectors

The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket PRO’ is an easy to use and very versatile lamp holder. Made from quality components this lamp holder can be used with most heat sources up to 250W.

  • The sleek ‘top hat’ integrated design will allow you to quickly and easy fit a lamp into a vivarium whilst making the very best use of the space.
  • The PRO lamp holder has an integral power switch to provide you with ‘On/OFF’ control.
  • The PRO lamp holder has been designed to be used with the Arcadia Reptile ‘Heat Lamp Safety Cage’ to provide good protection to both animal and keeper.
  • Please use all heat sources with a lamp cage and a good quality Thermostatic control system.
  • Includes both USA and EU style plugs
Case Qty-12

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Reviewed by Shadyc
Shadyc bought "Lamp Holder Pro" on our website
01/08/2022 - 09:17:34 AM
I bought two of these for my Columbian Boas tank. Both are installed inside by twisty ties to the top on bars. The one that holds the deep heat projector I’ve had no issues with. However, the other one would not hold a 200w ceramic heat emitter. So I swapped out the emitter for s halogen bulb and I had issues initially getting it to turn on then I finally got it so I didn’t touch it. The bulb just burned out, I tried to replace it and now again the unit isn’t working. I bought this in Aug/Sept of 2021 so it hasn’t even been half a year and the unit is failing, I have a huge tank and the heating needs to be inside of it, having it outside doesn’t produce enough heat for my boa. I love the inside holders, but I just think I got a faulty unit.