F10 Products

This will be the LAST of the F10-- Once we sell out of this we have no further shipments planned at this time.  Due to several problems with importing this product into the USA we have discontinued the line.  Get it while you can!

Reptile Basics now features the F10SC line of cleaning, disinfecting and wound treatment products.  F10 products are known worldwide for the effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of caging, decor, and surfaces as well as wound cleansing and respiratory treatment. 
  • The F10 cleaning and disinfectant products are highly concentrated and when diluted properly are one of the best values on the market!
  • If you are a Veterinary clinic or reseller of pet/exotic animal products please contact us for wholesale pricing

Here are some interesting articles pertaining to Reptile and Amphibian care and the use of F10:

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For more F10 Products information, Application Guidelines, Case Studies and Articles you can visit the F10 website - F10 Products