12" Heat Tape Connected

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12" Heat Tape Connected
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Price: $5.99


Need your 12" THG Heat Tape to come to you ready to plug in?  Then this is for you!

What you get:

The length (in feet) of 12" THG Heat Tape you specify with approved THG Wire/connection set installed and ready to plug in.  You will also receive the fold-over insulation tape for the end of your section of heat tape. 

Just trim to the exact length you need, fold the insulation tape over the copper buss bar endings- shown on the included instruction sheet- and you are ready to plug it into your thermostat!

12" THG element is 23 watts per foot and maximum length per section is 25 ft

Element width is +/- .125" Lengths of more than 25' are not recommended.  Due to how this element is manufactured the length can vary by +/- 1/4" PER FOOT.  Generally it is less than that but ORDER EXTRA.

Got more questions? Take a look at our Heat Tape FAQ in the Resources section. 

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Reviewed by Dwindsor
Dwindsor bought "12" Heat Tape Connected" on our website
03/25/2021 - 09:50:01 AM
12" THG Heat Tape Wired
The product is wonderful. I purchased 3-12" pieces connected and the tape and connections are strong and sturdy. There were some delivery issues with FedEx but the customer service reps responded and assisted me with this issue. Fantastic product Fantastic Customer service!!!!! Customer service even assisted me with ordering what I needed. Thank you Reptile Basics.