2x4 18" Double Door Pro Cage

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2x4 18" Double Door Pro Cage
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Price: $349.00

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2x4x18" Series 2 Double Door Pro Reptile Cage

New subterranean drawer!  Give your animal a more natural way to hide for better feeding and overall health.  The subterranean drawer is easily accessible and can be used with a variety of substrates for egg laying/birthing chamber, hide area or humid hide area.  We have found through two years of testing this design that our Asian rat snake species especially like a cooler, moist hide area and love to use this as a food ambush site.  

These are the next step in the evolution of our VE cages.  Now with multiple power cord slots for easy cord routing while assembling the cage, three power cord punchouts on the back for passing through larger heat panel, T5 or LED lighting cords after cage assembly.  Our very popular rack stacking system is now also featured as well!

Stacks with the Series 2 2x4x12", 2x4x15", 2x4x18" and 2x4x18 Pro cages and Series 2 Pedestal.
These cages SHIP FLAT and will require simple assembly before you can use them.  VE Series 2 Cage Assembly

We recommend DAP® Dynaflex 230® for leak resistance after assembly, silicon/rtv does not adhere well and outgasses a lot more and for a lot longer.  Dynaflex is available in black at most larger home centers, Amazon, etc. and is specifically designed for PVC.
  • Double acrylic doors
  • Recessed area underneath the floor for heat and thermostat probe
  • Deluxe hinges and latches- no barn hinges here!
  • Recessed Stainless Steel acorn nuts for hinges
  • Punchouts for power cords to handle all of your heating and lighting
  • Subterranean hide area-23qt tub is included!
Cage dimensions are approximately 46" wide x 23.5" deep x 18" tall.

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