Plexi-Clean with Micro Fiber Towels

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Plexi-Clean with Micro Fiber Towels
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Price: $8.99

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Plexi-Clean acrylic cleaner.  Two microfiber cleaning clothes included, DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS or other paper products for cleaning. 

Will not fade or damage your acrylic cage doors!  Anti-static formula also helps to repel substrate dust leaving your acrylic doors looking their best!

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Reviewed by CCRUSH
CCRUSH bought "Plexi-Clean with Micro Fiber Towels" on our website
03/12/2022 - 02:43:35 PM
Works GREAT!
I figured I’d try this because it was cheap and RB ships super fast. I used it as directed (with the microfiber towel that comes with it, NO paper towel) and WOW! This is what a high-end glass cleaner does but for acrylic! No streaks or residue, just crystal clear acrylic for easy viewing of the animal inside.
The only downfall I’ve found is this stuff smells like poop, but the smell dissipates quickly.

We’ve now purchased 4 of RB’s PVC enclosures and I’m very happy I ordered this! Will buy again in the future!