PVC Reptile Rack Systems

Why Buy Your Racks From Reptile Basics?

  • 18 years of experience building and shipping racks to users large and small
  • Racks available for both the DIY'er and Plug and Play
  • Featuring VE tubs- These tubs have smooth, easy to clean bottoms.  We own the molds- Tubs will never change!
  • PVC construction for safety and years of service
  • Racks are modular and stack so you can expand when you need to!



Rack Systems, ideal for space efficient reptile housing. Don't forget your thermostat!

All OF OUR RACK PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HEAT.  PVC Racks DO NOT include tubs which can be ordered seperately, Please see product description.

Have questions? Take a look at the Rack FAQ in the Resources section.