Super-70 5 Tub Rack

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Super-70 5 Tub Rack
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Price: $409.99

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We have In Stock shipping on the Super-70 5 Tub Standard PVC racks!!  Standard order processing time applies!! 

The Vivarium Electronics Super70-5 Series II uses VE Super70 tubs OR Vision Products V-70 model tub as well as other CB-70 "clones".  The Super70 tub is approximately 45 quarts and the V-70 tub is approximately 41 qts and is available online-  Vision V-70 Tub.

This rack WILL NOT stack with our Series 2 CB 70 racks- it is slightly wider to accomodate our new tub.  This rack will accept the Super70 tub as well as all CB-70 clones we have tried.

This rack DOES NOT INCLUDE tubs and requires some simple assembly before use.  We recommend a battery powered drill/screwdriver and the bit for the #1 square drive screws used is included.  

This rack is CNC cut for precision from our exclusive hard shell 1/2" thick PVC, a self extinguishing plastic for added safety and durability.  The Series II Racks include some great new features including optional pull out tables and Casters (shown above and NOT included).  You can purchase these separately and both install very easily!

The new VE rack probe slot has built in strain relief to help prevent accidental pull out and has our exclusive vented system- probe has direct air contact with the heat tape UNDER the tub for the safest and most accurate heating possible.  Each shelf has a probe slot so you can choose which shelf you prefer to install your thermostat probe.  We like to use the center shelf.

Shipping is included in the rack price!  Sorry, but we can not ship other dry goods in this kit so shipping charges may apply to your order if you are also ordering other items at the same time. 

Heat is THG 4" Belly Heat and is included.  The heat in this rack is also easily replaced should you need to and uses 10 feet of the THG 4" element.  Rack is 5 tubs high and is stackable with any of our Super70 racks of any height.  You can check out our 3 tub Super70 model as well.
Dimensions are approximately 34.5" Deep x 20" Wide x 30.75" Tall

The Super70 WILL NOT stack and lock with our previous CB70 Series 2 Flat Pack.

You can view the assembly instructions HERE


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Stormwolfe
Stormwolfe bought "Super-70 5 Tub Rack" on our website
06/15/2023 - 06:05:48 PM
Awesome Snake Rack
I just assembled and set-up my first VE Super 70 rack and about to order a second one.

Pros: Incredibly well built, quality engineering (pre-drilled holes, etc.), no hardware missing, great space as a potential forever home to most of my ball pythons.

Cons: Reptile Basics, you need to do a how-to video on installing the heat tape, the instructions do not make much sense when assembling a rack for the first time. Also, the instructions state to not over-tighten the screws. That is next to impossible when using an electric drill/driver.

Despite the Cons, I would - and am - buying another one.
Reviewed by Mopar426freak
03/30/2023 - 04:28:14 PM
Best budget rack.
Best bang for your buck. This is a great snake rack. Large females fit comfortably, and great for breeding. Very easy to assemble and Definitely buy casters when you are creating your order. The tubs are easy to clean and are better than the gray tubs sold on other sites. I have used freedom breeder tubs but they are a little bigger in height by .020 . However, you will probably need to drill some holes if you use a freedom breeder tub. Highly recommend this rack to anyone, whether you are breeding or just as a hobbyist.
Reviewed by [email protected]
06/03/2022 - 04:12:31 PM
Great rack! Buying another.
My rack has worked out great for 2 years, buying another one to stack on top. I did not use directions to setup.
Reviewed by tsinjora
tsinjora bought "Super-70 5 Tub Rack" on our website
06/26/2020 - 09:48:53 PM
Nice Rack, Poor Instructions
My big breeding ball python females are loving this rack! My only complaint is that the instructions to put it together were wrong (side A was actually side B in the instructions), which made it difficult and confusing to put together until we got past that part. Otherwise, it's great!