VE-6E Economy Rack

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VE-6E Economy Rack
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Price: $229.99

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These are the new Vivarium Electronics VE-6E Racks.  A real game changer in PVC racks!  Finally you have the freedom you need to have truly interchangeable tubs in one rack.  The VE-6E can use (3) VE108-8 Tubs OR (2) VE108-11 OR (1) VE-108-23 Tub PER SHELF.  Yes, you can have 1-3 tubs per shelf!

This rack is available in our "Standard" PVC only

This rack DOES NOT INCLUDE tubs and requires some simple assembly before use.  We recommend a battery powered drill/screwdriver and the bit for the #1 square drive screws used is included. 

Rack dimensions are approximately 23" Deep x 16.5" Wide x 30" Tall

VE 108-8 tub measures 22.44" deep x 4.92" wide x 4.25" tall

VE 108-11 tub measures 22.44" deep x 7.36" wide x 4.25" tall
VE 108-23 tub measures 22.44" deep x 14.76" wide x 4.25" tall

The VE-6E Rack features: 
  • Rounded front edges
  • 4" THG Belly heat through all shelves
  • VE 108 Series Tub versatility - 6 to 18 tub capability
  • Unique VE Stacking!  Ultra easy and extremely secure stacking system
  • Optional easy to install caster system
  • Deep tubs for the basking temp you want and still get a thermal gradient
  • VE Direct Airflow thermostat probe slot on all shelves
**Some Important things to know about our "open air" style racks:**
  • These racks do not perform as well as solid side racks in cooler room temps- If you are considering this for Ball Pythons in a room with a lower than 75F temperature we would suggest the standard VE-6
  • We DO NOT recommend this rack for hatchling colubrids
  • The VE-6 Economy WILL NOT stack with our solid sided VE-2 and VE-6 Racks, only with our VE-6 Economy
  • This rack ships flat and will require some simple assembly
As with all reptile racks using heat tape, you MUST use a thermostat (sold separately) to control your temps!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by OFBBalls
OFBBalls bought "VE-6E Economy Rack" on our website
03/22/2023 - 05:09:10 AM
Great Rack From a Great Vendor
I have purchased 5 different VE-6 racks from RBI now, 3 of them are VE-6 and 2 of them are VE-6E. The 6E is a little trickier to build and it definitely helps to have two people at least until you have built enough that it's stable and doesn't require more additional hands to hold things while it's assembled. The production quality of the 2 6E's wasn't perfect - holes where screws needed to go weren't pre-drilled and the slots that the heat tape slides through were full of PVC dust and particles which prevented the tape from sliding through them until they were cleaned out. Also, there's no instructions with the 6E to mount the rear casters but I was able to figure out what the two additional undocumented pieces were for and how to mount them.

All in all, you cannot find a better value on PVC racks and tubs than these PVC VE racks from RBI.
Reviewed by Abileneparadox
11/27/2020 - 03:40:52 PM
Absolutely fantastic!
This was my first order and step up from just using shelving and totes, and this really took me to the next level of professionalism!

Packaging after shipping was super packed and well protected, very easy to assemble, and the caster set really adds to the mobility.
Reviewed by Kevinquach0444
01/22/2020 - 07:16:17 AM
Economy Rack
Good for the price. Its lightweight and easy to build and have it set up.
Of course it's an open side rack so gotta tweak with the temps. As of today its working fine doing its job. My 4 bps are happy and doing what they do.
Only thing is this rack took almost a whole month to ship and arrive. The left panel/side of this rack was damaged. Towards the bottom part it was hit and part of it broke off. It doesnt effect the rack it's just cosmetics. Also the back once the rack is built is very sharp unlike the front of the rack. Other than that pretty good snake rack for a beginner or experienced individual.