Vivarium Electronics I-10 Rack

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Vivarium Electronics I-10 Rack
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Price: $250.00

*** Please note on Rack and Caging orders lead time is currently about 6-7 weeks (4/17). The tracking information will be sent when the order is shipped. ***


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These are the new Vivarium Electronics I-10 Racks. This rack is somewhat unique in the field and is specifically aimed at the larger scale breeder of small geckos or snakes. It features the Reptile Basics I80 or I160 tub and holds either 60 I80 tubs or 30 I160 tubs or any combination of the two.

Tubs are ordered separately, you can order the combination of I80 and I160 series tubs that are right for you!  Click on the "Recommended Products" Tab to order tubs. 

We DO NOT recommend the I80 or I160 tub for Ball Pythons, Boa Constrictors or other similar sized species.  This rack also is not recommended for hi temperature species such as Sand Boas.  For those you might want to consider the larger VE 108 series tubs in the VE-6 or VE-2 racks with belley heat.    

The I-10 Rack features: 

  • Rounded front edges
  • 21" THG back heat for full coverage
  • VE I Series Tub versatility - 30 to 60 tub capability
  • Unique VE Stacking!  Ultra easy and extremely secure stacking system
  • Optional easy to install caster system
  • Deep tubs for the basking temp you want and still get a thermal gradient
  • VE Direct Airflow thermostat probe slot
  • Super fast shipping time, in most cases cages ship in 10-12 business days!!*

This rack can stack with:
These can be stacked two or three racks high and are not stackable with our other rack products.

Rack Dimensions 26.5" Tall x 21" wide x 14.25" deep

As with all reptile racks using heat tape, you MUST use a thermostat (sold separately) to control your temps!

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