We sell only the finest reptile substrates.  To help keep your costs down RBI offers many substrates in bulk packages.  

Remember- if you are in central North Carolina we may be able to save you more if you come pickup at our warehouse!

Drainage Mesh 8x8
Drainage Mesh 12x12
Drainage Mesh 18x18
Product is out of stock
Cypress Mulch
Product is out of stock
Prococo CocoChips - 2 Pack
Product is out of stock
HydroGrow V2 Drainage Layer 6qt
Product is out of stock
Terra Flora - 6qt
Terra Fauna - 6qt
Terra Firma - 6qt
Terra Aranea - 6qt
Terra Sahara - 6qt
Backround Blend - 6qt
Bioshot - 6qt
BioVive -50g
SoilCal Plus
Vermiculite 8 Qt Bag