T5 HO Single Bulb Light Strip - 24"

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T5 HO Single Bulb Light Strip - 24"
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Price: $38.99


Vivarium Electronics T5 HO light fixture with reflector for 22" T5 HO Bulbs such as the Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs.  24Watt.  6400K/1680 LM bulb, mounting clips and roll on/off switch built into power cord included.

Now includes the jumper wire to connect up to 8 fixtures!

These fixtures also sit on top of screen cages/Screen covers quite well!

Bulb included with this fixture IS NOT UVB

***Please be sure to order 22" T5 bulbs for this fixture- These HO fixtures will NOT work with T8 bulbs***
***For maximum fixture life always attach power cords to fixture BEFORE plugging into the wall***

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Snakedude1814
09/05/2022 - 03:43:40 PM
Very Pleased!
I've been using the 24" VE fixtures for roughly two years now and only have had one die on me due to a power surge which no doubt jostled the fixture. These work just as well as the other "respected" brand as far as UV and visible light reflectivity is concerned.
It is also convenient that these fixtures come with a visible light (which I still have all of mine running after two years of use), so if you were to purchase two: you get one for UV and another you can run alongside as a standalone daylight bulb (which really brings out the reptiles colors!).
Overall worth every penny and I will no doubt be using these fixtures for all of my diurnal basking species.