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VE Hi-Power
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Price: $109.99


The Hi-Power is designed for room heater applications, this is NOT the idea choice for rack systems.  

The VE Hi-Power features include:

  • Convenient table top mounting
  • Full back-lit display 
  • Displays probe temp and set point on main display
  • Night Drop capability (Requires ND Module)
  • Remembers settings during power failure
  • Built in Safety Shutoff relay
  • Grounded receptacle
  • 1500 watt capacity
  • 10' probe cord- user replaceable
  • 6' Power Cord
  • Stackable!  Multiple units can stack for neat, professional appearance
  • On/Off operation

This thermostat is a "table top" model designed to sit nicely on top of your racks or cages- no more trying to figure out how to mount your thermostat so you can see it or dealing with stands. 

The standard display shows current set point value, current time of day, and the current probe temperature reading.  3 button keyboard makes it ultra easy to navigate through the menu and the large back-lit display makes programming easy and intuitive.

One of the features we like best is the stacking cases!  These thermostats will stack on each other for a very neat, professional appearance.

Both the probe and fuse are easily user replaceable without opening the case.  Probe cord locks in place to prevent accidental unplugging.  6' power cord and Probe included.

Model On/Off Proportional Night Drop Alarms Safety Shutoff Zones Wattage
HobbyStat Yes No Yes-External No No Single 400 Watts
VE-100 Yes No Yes-External No Yes Single 700 Watts
VE Hi-Power Yes No Yes-External No Yes Single 1500 Watts
VE-200 Yes Pulse Proportional, Dimming Proportional OR On/Off capable Yes-External No Yes Single 700 Watts
VE-200D Yes Yes-Dimming Yes-External No Yes Single 700 Watts
VE-300 Yes Pulse Proportional, Dimming Proportional OR On/Off capable Yes-Built In Yes Yes Single 700 Watts
VE-300X2 Yes Yes-Pulse Yes-Built In Yes Yes Dual 900 Watts Total

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Nick_425
04/13/2022 - 05:09:08 PM
Reptile Basics
So unfortunately, I had a lost packaged from FedEx shipping. I never got my first thermostat that I ordered. Reptile basics didn't question and sent another. Great company, fast shipping, excellent product. I have multiple thermostats from them and a VE-2 rack, all is top notch. Customer service was quick to reply and fix this issue. However they can't ship to my address anymore due to lost package, which is a slight bummer. I hope they switch to UPS. But overall I'm very satisfied with this company. A+