Redline Science Connection Set

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Redline Science Connection Set
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Price: $2.49


****DO NOT order this clipset if you need connections made by Reptile Basics, select the "connected" product****

This clipset include two of the eyelet clips, rivets and four (2) pieces of the insualtion tape to connect one piece of heat tape.  The insulation tape is a very heavy duty tape the forms a semi-permanent bond and is very low profile for heat tape use in reptile applications.

You can learn more about making these connections here- DIY Heat Tape Connections

 To properly attach the rivets and get a solid connection we recommend the use of the Crimping Pliers found in the heat tape category.





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Reviewed by Bornagainpagan
10/28/2019 - 08:10:16 PM
These people are awesome. I got everything I ordered in about 3 days & the instructions I gave were followed perfectly. They gave me extra heat tape connection covers & everything was put together beautifully! They packaged everything really secure & included detailed instructions on how to use everything. Definitely ordering again.