Ultratherm Undertank Heater (UTH)- 6"x 47"

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Ultratherm Undertank Heater (UTH)- 6"x 47"
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Price: $29.99


6"x47" model- 32 watts. Ultratherm Vivarium Heaters have been manufactured in Scotland for over 20 years to exacting European Standards. UL Listed component.

We sell only the higher quality, more durable fiberglass element models- NOT the printed.

These pads can often be used WITHOUT a thermostat due to their low wattage density. The element is similar to the Flexwatt heat tape but it is a far more durable, longer lasting material and is sealed in a polyurethane.

The low wattage density of this product means in most cases it will maintain "reptile friendly" temps below 95 degrees. This can vary with the room temps so if precise control of temperature is needed these pads can also be used with a thermostat/rheostat.

Ideal for users with only one or a few vivariums to heat. Also works well with plastic storage bins.  For larger applications you may want to consider THG heat tape.

Have questions on what size heater to use?  See our UltraTherm FAQ

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Reviewed by Jamin.mac
Jamin.mac bought "Ultratherm Undertank Heater (UTH)- 6"x 47"" on our website
02/08/2021 - 08:53:36 PM
Good product, good quality!
It came in good condition, I'm really happy with it, it gets pretty warm if you insulate it properly so it's good for hermit crabs in a 55 gallon long tank. It's worth it for $29.99, don't waste your time on those heat pad from amazon. The width and length is perfect for a 55 gallon tank, not too wide that it goes under the substrate and not to short or long.